Arduino KY-023 XY-axis joystick module

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PS2 game joystick axis sensor module

product description

The company produces PS2 game joystick axis sensor module consists of using original quality metal PS2 joystick potentiometer system For the (X, Y) a 2-axis analog output and for (Z) 1 digital output channel button.


The joystick is a combination of 2 analoog potentiometer and a digital switch.


  • Arduino controller × 1
  • USB data cable × 1
  • PS2 Game sensor module × 1


  • Arduino GND –> Module pin –
  • Arduino +5V –> Module pin +5V
  • Arduino Analoog 0 –> Module VRx
  • Arduino Analoog 1 –> Module VRy
  • Arduino Digital –> Resistor??–>Module SW

you need a resistor, you can use Arduino internal pullup resistor, command ( pinMode(pin, INPUT_PULLUP); ) does the jobExample Code

Example code :